A gothic castle from the first half of the 14th century, situated on a rocky proomontory overlooking the river Ostružná. It noe stands in ruins. a unique feature among Czech castles has been preserved here, namely an enormous stone bridge of a length of 32 metres, a width of 3 metres and a height of nearly 10 metres with four broken arches on massive piers. It connects th so-called House of paradise with the square tower called Putna. A part of the castle complex is a renaissance palace dating from 1628 to 1653. It underwent reconstruction in the 19th century. velhartice castle was popularized in Jan Neruda´s romance about Charles IV and Bušek of Velhartice.
Ruin of Renaissance  palace of VelharticeRuin of Renaissance palace of Velhartice
Renaissance palace
Ruin of castle VelharticeRuin of castle Velhartice
Ruin of castle